That Jets Hat

dave walk in algarve portugal

My husband Dave only brought one hat to Portugal for our two months here and it is his Winnipeg Jets hat.  Maybe you’ve noticed him wearing it in practically every photo on this blog. It is surprising how many conversations that hat initiates. We just checked into a hotel in Evora Portugal.  In the lobby a man asked about Dave’s hat. Turns out he was from Ottawa and his son had played in the NHL for the Ottawa Senators.  His son was now on a hockey team in Sweden. “Those Jets are playoff material this year aren’t they?”  he remarked to Dave and a long conversation ensued. 

dave and rudy espiche golf course
During a golf round in the Algarve Dave and Rudy met some Finnish golfers who treated them like old friends when they saw Dave’s Jets hat. Then Dave initiated a conversation about Patrik Laine and he thought the Finns might hug him. They were THRILLED Dave knew all about their native son. lunch in bergauIn a restaurant a couple approached Dave after seeing his Winnipeg Jets hat and told us they were Canadians. Turns out they ran a campground in Manigotagan and were traveling through Portugal checking out Portuguese campgrounds.  

lagos zoo

Dave chatting with an ape about the Jets at the Lagos zoo after the ape started a conversation about his hat

This is just a sample of the way Dave’s Jets hat has helped us meet people here in Portugal. Dave faithfully watches highlights of all the Jets games on my computer so he is keeping up with the Jets’ progress and cheering them on from here.  We have planned our arrival home so he can use the last of his seasons’ tickets and share in the excitement of the Jets making the playoffs. 

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