What’s With Those Chimneys?

flower chimneyIt was my friend Rudy who pointed out that every house in the Algarve seemed to have a different kind of chimney.  chimnies of the algarveAfter Rudy mentioned the chimneys I started looking at them and photographing them and then tried to find out more about them. grey chmineyMany of them looked like little minature mosques so I figured they must go back to the days when the Moors occupied Portugal. brown and white chimneyBut then I read that the Moors didn’t build chimneys. pink algarve chimneyLong ago the chimneys were made by master masons and the bigger and more intricate they were the more expensive they would be.  little chimneyBut today most of the chimneys are mass produced and are usually purely ornamental. round algarve chimneySince most homes in the Algarve are white having a unique chimney sets your house apart. chimney paradeSome houses will have three or four of the chimneys. algarve chimneyYou can tell by the fact that some of the chimneys are blackened that they are actually used.  lattice work chimneyThe tidy clean ones  are just for decoration. algarve's chimniesIn traditional Algarve homes a wide fireplace called a lareira was usually at the heart of the house and the chimney rose straight up from it. This allowed the chimney to be cleaned from the bottom unlike British and American chimneys which must be cleaned from the top.terra cotta chimney No one knows for sure where the Algarve chimney had its origins, that story is lost somewhere back in time.  The unique chimneys do however add another element of charm to the Algarve area.

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  1. Those are very cool chimneys


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