Up and Down with the Brauns

It has been raining LOTS every day in the Algarve.  Despite this we have managed to get in two great hikes with our guests John and Velma. cousinsWe first hiked down to the beautiful rock formations at the Lighthouse in Lagos. lunch lighthouseWe stopped for a lunch break before tackling the 200  steps leading down to the ocean. kissing at the point lagosIt was Dave’s idea that each couple pose for a romantic picture down by the rocks before we walked back up the stairs. brauns at the point lagos

We had already been to the Ponta da Piedade site with our friend Rudybut were happy to go down there again and introduce its beauty to John and Velma.

hiking to the lighthouse On Wednesday we went on our second hike to the small community of Burgau. hke to bergauVelma and I had some great conversations as we walked up and down the cliffs. burgau lunchAfter having lunch in Burgau we explored the village walking up and down the steep streets. 

Our morning walk had been quite pleasant but the afternoon turned bitterly cold and the wind was blowing hard.artist on the beach I admired this dedicated artist who was down on the beach in Burgau braving the elements to paint the scenery. bus stop at bergau

Because the rain was coming down quite hard we decided we would take the bus home. We have caught the bus up at the top of a hill in Burgau before and I always wanted to have my picture taken with the cool mural on the wall of the bus shelter.  So yesterday I did!

We sure to hope the weather improves a little for the rest of the Braun’s stay.  They are hardy travelers however and are the kind of folks who will have a good time despite the ups and downs of the weather. 

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