A Family Affair With An Exciting Start


supper at mere lagos

Having dinner with John and Velma- our cousins, Paul and Shirley- our brother and sister-in-law and Ken who is Paul and Shirley’s friend.

Had they been in an accident?

On Sunday afternoon Dave’s cousin John and his wife Velma arrived to spend a week with us.  Monday morning we were looking forward to a visit from Dave’s brother Paul, his wife Shirley and their friend Ken. They are staying in a community about an hour’s drive away and said they would arrive at our place at 11:30.  

When they didn’t come by 12:00 we thought they might be a little lost.  

By 12:30 we figured they might be really lost.  

At 1:00 we wondered if they’d had a flat tire.

At 2:00 we speculated that one of them had experienced a serious health crisis.  We kept checking our e-mail but no word from them.

At 2:30 we were sure they had been in a horrible accident.

When they finally arrived close to 3:00 we found out they had gotten REALLY LOST!  I blame myself for not sending them detailed enough directions and was just SO grateful they were all okay and had arrived. 

windy day hiking to lagos

It was a cool and breezy day for hiking .

We had some tapas and then set off on a hike.  We had wanted to go to the spectacular Ponta da Piedade site, but it was a very windy day and some members of the group found the path quite gruelling and so we adapted our plans and headed straight to the Mere Restaurant in Lagos about a 6 kilometer trek from our home. hiking to lagosDave and I took a bit of good natured ribbing about leading them on such a long hike before they could eat supper and for choosing a restaurant that wasn’t very authentically Portuguese and too modern.  

goat cheese appetizer mere

Amazing goat cheese made here in the Algarve served with fig and pumpkin jams.

But……….. a fabulous goat cheese appetizer

cataplana dish

Dave and I shared a hot and delicious cataplana dish

and the wonderful fish offerings on the menu along with the local green wine and a pitcher of  Sangria inspired plenty of positive comments and lots of  merriment as did the promise of a taxi ride home instead of a hike. 


Dave’s brother Paul feeling accomplished after the first leg of our hike.

Back in Praia da Luz we had our nightly glass of port and dish of ice-cream and played euchre, a long standing tradition on the many previous winter holidays we have enjoyed with Paul and Shirley.  Then we all headed to bed.  In the morning two different groups set out on a walk through the community and both came back with Portuguese egg tarts for all. Shirley made coffee and we had a lively visit around the kitchen table enjoying our double round of tarts and a conversation that ranged from art to politics to music to the experiences most in the group recalled from their growing up years in Leamington, Ontario. 

Before noon Paul and Shirley and Ken headed back to their place.  It was lovely to have so much family together in Portugal. 

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