Rudy’s Rituals

Rudy checks out some of the giant pieces of cod for sale in most Portuguese grocery stores

Our friend Rudy has left Portugal.  We had lots of fun with Rudy and are glad he came to join us for three weeks of our holiday.  

With Rudy and Sue on a golfing holiday at Hecla Island

Last summer my husband Dave and Rudy’s wife Sue planned the logistics of this Portugal holiday.

With my friend Sue and our sailboat captain in Florida

It was going to be one of many travel adventures we have had together with the Nikkels. But when Sue died suddenly at the beginning of December everything changed.  We had to decide whether we still wanted to go to Portugal. When we made plans to go ahead with our holiday we asked Rudy if he would come with us at least for part of the time.  

Dave and Rudy on the Espiche Golf Course. I was happy Rudy was here to golf with Dave since I broke my wrist in December and couldn’t golf at all.

We were so glad when he agreed to do that.  During our time together we established certain rituals which we find ourselves carrying on even now that Rudy has left. 

One is having a cup of coffee prior to having our actual breakfast. Often during the time he was here Rudy made that cup of coffee and delivered it to us at our computers where we were busy checking up on what we’d missed during the night. 

Another is saying “Hey Hey” when we toasted each other with a drink instead of saying “cheers”. This stemmed from a tradition Rudy and Sue had together.  

Gin and tonics for a four o’ clock happy hour is another tradition. Dave and Rudy took turns making our gin and tonics and they were great, but no one made gin and tonics like Sue did. Hers looked beautiful and tasted wonderful. 

Dave always has a small glass of port before bed, a habit he picked up at a bed and breakfast we stayed at in Australia years ago where a decanter of port was delivered to our room every evening.  Here in Portugal with Rudy, we added a small bowl of Venetian ice-cream to our port ritual. We experimented with four different kinds of the icecream during Rudy’s time here. 

We have more visitors arriving today and we will have to introduce them to the Rudy rituals which have now become a part of our day-to-day life here in Portugal.

With Rudy and Sue in Japan

 Our holiday was different from what we originally planned and certainly different than the other holidays we have taken with the Nikkels. We talked about Sue often during our time together in Portugal and we really missed her, But we had a good time with Rudy and hope to travel with him again in the future.  

One of my daily rituals here in Portugal is to do some sketching or drawing. One afternoon Rudy took my pencils and sketchbook and did this drawing of Dave and me.

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