A Blackout, A Flood and Chilly Temperatures

“You can easily experience bone-dry winter months. The crisp, sharp sunshine makes winter an appealing time to visit Portugal. In the south, especially on the coast, it is mild all year round.”- Rough Guide to Portugal

Those bone dry winter months and mild temperatures are not what we have been experiencing here in Portugal.  When we first arrived it was COLD!  

bundled up for a walk in portugal

All wrapped up for a seaside walk on one of our first days in the Algarve. I’ve got a T-shirt, hoodie, jacket and shawl on.

We bundled up and went out adventuring anyway but…….. our house which is kept warm only by small space heaters was always on the ‘chilly’ side. It reminded us of the winter months in Hong Kong where none of the buildings were heated either.

dave and rudyseven hanging valleys

Dave and Rudy in shorts and T-shirts for a hike

Eventually it warmed up enough so we were able to go hiking and golfing in the sunshine.  Then this week the rains came. The Algarve is experiencing unusual amounts of rain.  

rudy wet and cold

Rudy soaked and cold on the 18th hole

On Monday Dave and Rudy got pretty much soaked during their golf round.  Tuesday night our power went out and we found our way around using the lights from our cell phones and computers as we got ready for bed. We found out later much of the community of Praia da Luz had been without power. 

Wednesday morning when our friend Rudy left to go back to Canada it was pouring.  After saying good-bye to him in the early morning hours we noticed there was a virtual lake covering half of our diningroom floor.  Water had seeped in under the patio doors.  We tried putting towels along the door frame but they were soon wringing wet.  A repairman came later in the morning to fix the problem and the housekeeper came to mop up and bring us dry towels.  

dave walk in algarve portugal

A chilly day for an oceanside walk

We went out for a little walk when the sun reappeared briefly. The ocean had big waves and it wasn’t long before thunder was cracking and it started to rain again. 

Rain is predicted for the whole first week of March.  We don’t mind so much because we’ve already had a chance to enjoy a warmer, sunnier Portugal but we have friends and family coming on the weekend and I’m afraid their Portugal experience may be chilly and wet.  

We ended a cold rainy day with a lovely dinner out at a restaurant on our street

Those are the chances you take when you travel and we have been traveling enough that we know we can still have a good time despite the weather.  But the warm sunshine and bone dry conditions the travel guide brags about sure would be nice!

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