What’s Your Place Like?

One of my blog readers has been asking me to describe our temporary home here in Praia da Luz, Portugal.  So today I thought I would give you a little tour. our building in praia da luzThis is how our building looks from the outside.  We are on the fourth floor. We were taking the elevator up to our apartment when we first got here but since our friend Rudy arrived we have been taking the stairs because he’s trying to whip us into better shape. 

kitchenThis our cozy kitchen.  Rudy is at the sink because he does all the dishes, takes out the garbage and recycling, and always sets the table nicely for each meal. dinner with ann and ernieHere is the kitchen from another angle when we were entertaining guests from Winnipeg.sunrise praia da luzThis is the view from the kitchen window at sunrise. dave in our livingroomRudy has just made Dave’s morning coffee and served it to him in the livingroom. diningroom praia da luzI have set up a little work area for myself at the end of our enormous diningroom table. with werner and adeliaHere’s how the space looked one evening when we were entertaining guests for dinner. our bedroomThis is our bedroom with a large bathroom across the hall.  Rudy has a similar bedroom with a small bathroom attached. third bedroomWe also have a third bedroom. Sometimes either Dave or I go to sleep here when the other person is snoring too much. happy hour on balconeyWe actually have three balconies. This one has a table and chairs and provides a lovely view of the ocean for happy hour. In all truthfulness however the day I took this photo was the only one when it was warm enough to have happy hour outside. 

church in praia da luzOur building is just across the street from the local church where we attended services one Sunday and…….one block from the oceanwe are just one short block from the beach promenade. 

So that’s where we’ve been hanging our hats for the last three weeks. We will be here another couple weeks before heading off for points north of Lisbon for the final leg of our stay in Portugal.  

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  1. That Rudy is keeper. Dave not so much.


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