We Just Keep Meeting More Winnipeg People in Portugal

We had dinner last night with Wilf and Karen.  They have spent the last week in Lagos a six kilometer walk from Praia da Luz where we live, and so in the late afternoon we trekked in to Lagos to have dinner with them.  Although we don’t get together with Wilf and Karen regularly back in Winnipeg, we are close friends with Wilf’s sister and her husband, and when we lived in a house trailer in Landmark early in our marriage, Wilf’s Dad was our landlord.  

It is always great to spend time with fellow travelers and compare notes about what they have been seeing and doing. We went for dinner at Mare. It is a seafood restaurant right over the fish market in Lagos.  So naturally we all had fish.  I had the shrimp curry which was great and the others shared cataplana.  A cataplana is actually a piece of cookware made of copper or aluminum and shaped kind of like a clam shell. Last night the cataplana’s at our table were filled with many different kinds of fish all cooked together. 

Since it was cold and dark by the time our meal was finished we decided to take the bus home.  Wilf and Karen waited at our stop with us and we carried on visiting till our bus arrived.  We had a lovely evening with them.  

I wonder which Winnipegers we will rendezvous with next in Portugal. 

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