Nature’s Artwork!

IMG_8273Ponta Da Piedade is often billed as ‘the most stunning place in the Algarve’ but for some reason after several weeks here we still hadn’t visited it even though it isn’t far from our home in Praia da Luz.  IMG_0076At the beginning of last week we met a couple from Newfoundland on one of our walks who suggested we would enjoy the hike to Ponta Da Piedade.  At the end of last week when our Winnipeg friends Werner and Adelia came to visit they had just finished a hike to Ponta Da Piedade and showed us some stunning photos.  

with rudy on hike in portugalSo yesterday morning we decided we needed to try the hike ourselves. Along with our friend Rudy we took our regular walking path to Lagos but before we got into the city centre we followed the signs and turned off down to Ponta Da Piedade. IMG_8259 (1)It was a gorgeous day weather wise and so we stopped to explore one little beach on our way to Ponta Da Piedade and although we thought it was lovely the best was yet to come when we reached our actual destination. rock formations portugalThis post is going to contain lots of photos because ‘oh my goodness’ what a beautiful spot!!

blue sea and sky Ponta Da PiedadeThe sea and sky were varying shades of pristine blues and the golden cliffs rose dozens of meters high.  out on the cliff Ponta Da PiedadeStanding on them you were higher than the birds.  And we saw and heard lots of birds, some of them nesting right on the cliffs. Ponta Da PiedadeNature has eroded the rocks here into caves and crannies and towers and arches. lighthouse walk lagosWe walked down nearly 200 steps to get a close up view of some of the formations. beautiful rocksThe artistically eroded rocks reminded me of the ones we saw when we were kayaking in Halong Bay in Vietnam and hiking to Echo Point in the Blue Mountains of Australia and traveling in a little boat down the Li River to Yangshou in China . But the Portugal rocks were unique and had a beauty all their own. cliff path Ponta Da PiedadeWe explored a path that led off along the cliffs and discovered to our delight that we could walk high up along the ocean all the way from Ponta Da Piedade to Porto do Mos a kind of halfway point where we often stop for a break on the hike to and from the city centre of Lagos.

beach on the way home from Ponta Da PiedadeWe passed some gorgeous secluded beaches on the way back but you would have to be a pretty intrepid climber to make your way down the steep cliffs that led to them. 

hike Ponta Da PiedadeSome folks say Ponta Da Piedade is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m glad I didn’t miss seeing it. cliffs near lagosOur hike round trip was more than 15 kilometers.  I was tired when we got home but oh so satisfied. marylou Ponta Da PiedadeEvery step had been worth it. 

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2 responses to “Nature’s Artwork!

  1. Dorothy Braun

    I’m enjoying your Travelogue of Portugal, Ponte da Piedade looks stunning!


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