You Call That A Stroll?

boardwalk hikeIt has been unseasonably cold here in Portugal but yesterday it was finally sunny and warm enough that we walked barefoot on the beach.  We did about a 7 kilometre hike along the Alvor Estuary Trail and Boardwalk detouring to the beach for part of the way. Dave and rudy on the boardwalkRudy and I didn’t trust the sunny weather would hold on for the whole hike so we headed out on the boardwalk trail with long pants and jacketsdave points down the beachbut Dave was more optimistic the nice weather would hold and wore sandals, a T-shirt and shorts. 
barefoot at lastRudy got impatient with my slow progress on the beach part of the walk. I was soaking up the day – doing some serious people watching, listening to the sound of the ocean, examining the shells I was finding, tracking the flight of gulls, savouring the joy of finally feeling the sand between my toes but Rudy said my pace could hardly even generously be called a ‘stroll’ so he jogged ahead. sand dunesMany kilometers later Dave and I headed up a boardwalk detour to survey the beach to see if we could find Rudy. rudy on the beachThere he was off in the distance, waving to us. He had jogged all the way to a far rocky outcrop and was returning. Dave and I thought we were in fairly good shape till Rudy arrived to visit. He thinks our hikes are pretty tame and is usually looking for something a little more strenuous.

The Alvor Estuary Walk is very nice-  you see so many different kinds of landscapes- sandy dunes, rivers, marshes, the ocean, farmland, a marina and sign boards along the way to help you appreciate the different kinds of flora and fauna, birds and wildlife that make the area their home. It was quite deserted now in winter but the number of shuttered restaurants and food stands along the way indicate it must be hugely popular in summer. As we made our way back to the car the guys spotted this sign and you can be sure that was a bargain they weren’t about to pass up. So the guys drank their cheap beer while I indulged in a Sangria which they both pointed out was  triple the price of their beverages combined.  I was enjoying the warmth of the sun too much to let their teasing bother me. 

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