Coming all the Way to Portugal to Get To Know People From Our Church

 I am the librarian at my church. The Sunday before we left for Portugal I was in the library chatting with a couple I had never met before.  They were leaving on a trip and wanted some books to take along.  As we visited I found out that Ann and Ernie were headed for Portugal and discovered they would be in the Algarve area at the exactly the same time as we would.  We exchanged e-mails and so a few days ago we invited them to drive from their rented place in Albuferia to ours in Praia da Luz and join us for dinner. 

When they arrived we first went for a walk along the beach.  As we walked and visited we found out we had many things in common besides attending the same church.  Ann had volunteered at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for a number of years just before I became a guide there. As a couple they had traveled to many of the same places we had.  Ernie and Dave shared a common long time friendship with a man in Philadelphia, and Ann and I were both currently reading the same book- Night Train to Lisbon.  It was sunny out and quite nice and we took some photos of the interesting color variations in the rocks along the beach.

An archeologist has unearthed ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct and bath house at this site along the waterfront  that date back to around the 4th century

As we headed back to our place we checked out some Roman ruins along the sidewalk and then much to our delight spotted a pod of dolphins near the shore. We stopped to watch them leaping and breaching before heading home for supper.  I had made spaghetti and salad.  We had fresh bread from the bakery around the corner and Ann and Ernie had brought a bottle of wine so we had a delightful meal together talking about our families, travels, past jobs and retirement endeavors.  Among other things we discovered Ann and Ernie love ball room dancing. 

Kind of interesting that we had to come all the way to Portugal to get to know some people from our church in Winnipeg. 

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