Plumb Tuckered Out in Lisbon

The door to our apartment in the Alfama area of Lisbon

How should we get to our place?  When we arrived in the Lisbon airport after being en route from Winnipeg for nearly 24 hours Dave asked me if I thought we should take a taxi or the metro subway to the little apartment we had rented in the Alfama area of the city. I suggested a taxi since we were tired and had hardly slept on the plane…. and I had a fractured wrist in a brace……….……and Dave had a 40 pound golf bag in tow…. and I had a large suitcase filled with materials for writing and sketching projects….. and we each had a back pack.  

Dave decided it would be more of an adventure to take the subway.  And was he ever right! We got lost in metro stations twice but a couple of extremely nice people including the young man in the photo above helped us out, steering us in the right direction and even carrying my suitcase for me.  

When we got off the train in our neighborhood we still had a long walk ahead of us to our apartment.  Dave had downloaded a route for us in Google maps but it wasn’t very helpful.  Many of the streets in the Alfama are  VERY STEEP and covered in cobblestones.  It was hard to push luggage up those stones slick from an afternoon shower  and it wasn’t long before we were lost and Dave wasn’t at all sure where to go.  I was plumb tuckered out.  So when we got to this lovely little church and I saw a park bench beside it I told Dave I was going to sit down and just enjoy the sunny afternoon while he looked for our place.  He could come back and get me once he had found it.  

I had a lovely time people watching and pigeon watching on my park bench

Dave was gone a LONG time and I thought he might have forgotten me but he finally showed up. He had found our place and the actress who owns it and he would take me there. He carried my suitcase up the narrow steep streets but…………halfway there he was plumb tuckered out and had to stop for a drink. He told the woman in the shop, “I’m thirsty.”  She thought he was saying ‘whiskey’ instead of ‘thirsty’ but he finally explained he wanted orange juice.Dave carried my bag up the three flights of outdoor stairs to our apartment and then up another four narrow flights of stairs inside since we were on the top floor.The actress had just finished cleaning our apartment and Dave asked her if she was in a play that evening we could attend. She just laughed and said she wasn’t.

By the time we got into our cute little apartment, Dave was plumb tuckered out again and he needed to have a nap, so I explored our place while he slept.  

Our cozy bedroom

Our tiny kitchen

Dave woke up refreshed and we hit the streets of our cool neighbourhood.

People in the Alfama hang their clothes outside their apartments to dry just like in Hong Kong

The Alfama got its name during the time the Moors occupied Portugal beginning in 1249.  There was a huge earthquake here in 1755 and the Alfama was the only area in the city to escape unscathed so it is very old and the architecture is just lovely!

We stopped to have a drink at a street side establishment and listened to a guitarist.  We were both feeling better and no longer plumb tuckered out  so we drank a toast to our Portugal holiday. 

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8 responses to “Plumb Tuckered Out in Lisbon

  1. Julie Schmidt

    Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fiefscent

    Whew! I’m exhausted just READING that! If you keep that up you will be nothing but skin and bones the next time I see you.


  3. I think you attract adventure. Or does adventure find you?. Really enjoyed the post and can totally relate to the plumb too tired feeling that comes with travel.


  4. That Dave is a Cretan, a brute, and a cheap Mennonite with golf clubs!


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