What Are People Saying?

I have been getting a fair number of comments on my recent blog posts. I thought I’d share some of my reader’s responses with you.

dave bargains with sellers in a saigon marketA teacher responded to my post What Is Your Body Saying? with this comment. I talk about body language a lot with my middle years girls; it’s important they know the power of that form of communication and how it can help or hinder. Eye rolls, turning away, standing in a closed and unwelcome circle….I find the power of non-verbal communication so fascinating! Thanks for the interesting article.

mary barkmanOne of Mary Barkman’s daughters wrote to tell me how much she appreciated my post She Persisted about the contributions her mother had made to the founding of the library in Steinbach. She learned some new things about her mother’s important role. 

confessional booth at the Vatican

My husband Dave in front of a confessional booth at the Vatican

A reader said the kind of public corporate confession in this post is just an admission we are all human.  She remarked that personal confessions with people who are important to us are what is really tough.  Another reader said that sometimes when a corporate confession is being read in his church he looks around and thinks to himself ‘ this confession doesn’t really apply to anyone here.’  

Three-Billboards-Outside-Ebbing-Missouri-filmA reader in Florida wasn’t sure he agreed with my review of the movie Three Billboards Outside  Ebbing Missouri. He said, I saw a tremendous amount of grace and forgiveness in this movie, made all the more profound by the intense anger, frustration, brutality and despair of the characters. I found it to be deeply truthful and even hopeful.

Pitaloosie and Aqsatunnguaq

Watercolor by Pitaloosie Saila

A faithful daily blog reader encouraged me not to stop using ’empty adjectives’ completely since they provide emotional context. 

anneken jans

Etching of Anneken Jans handing over her baby by Jan Luiken from the Martyrs Mirror, 1685

A reader in Hawaii commented on my essay Is It Wrong to Die For Your Faith  .    He said it raised fascinating questions and is consistent with what he believes about life and faith. 

When I posted about our new European style bedding several readers sent messages to tell me they had been sleeping like this for years.  One reader from British Columbia said it was the perfect solution to her and her husband’s different sleeping styles. 

Upstairs Bedroom by Margruite Krahn

I was honored Erin Unger referred to my post Mennonite Floor Art on her popular mennotoba blog.

When I wrote about how Jagmeet Singh the new leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party and I both talk with our hands a former colleague who lives in Hong Kong said..Your animated manner of speaking, both with words and gestures, are what make you an engaging conversationalist, MaryLou!  My cousin in Saskatchewan told me he had recently been in Ottawa and had met Jagmeet Singh. 

A reader from Dahahran commented on one of my posts about a fishing village in Iceland we visited. She said her own family hailed originally from a Norwegian fishing village not too far away. 



A reader from Minneapolis liked yesterday’s post about King David’s mother. She said we need more archetypal strong women…whether Jewish or Gentile, Muslim or Hindi..

I sincerely appreciate the hundreds of people who take the time to read my blog each day.  

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  1. John & Marion Driedger

    I enjoy reading your blog . I don’t get around to reading them all but have read several. Thank you for posting.


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