Food Rules

food-rules-illustrated-editIf you are like me you may have made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year.  Here I’ve illustrated six helpful rules from Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules. 

breakfast at sidewinder

Breakfasting at the Sidewinder Golf Club in Gold Canyon Arizona in 2015

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and eat supper like a pauper.  

women having coffee

Having a coffee at Winnipeg’s Parlour Cafe in 2013

Get your caffeine in natural ways from tea and coffee. 

bread vendor new york city

Bread Vendor in New York City in 2012

The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead. 

meal with students at korean restaurant

Eating with some of our former Hong Kong students in Toronto 2012

Try not to eat alone.

dad and his tomato plants

My Dad with harvest from his tomato crop in 2006

Eat mostly plants. 

enjoying an ice cream cone

Dave having ice cream on a food tour in Toronto 2012

Avoid foods with sugar as one of the top three ingredients.

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2 responses to “Food Rules

  1. Cheryl

    “Never eat alone.” seems rather thoughtless, almost cruel, advice.


    • Thanks Cheryl. I looked it up and another place it says Try not to eat alone. I think it is good advice because visiting with others helps you slow down and enjoy the conversation as well as the food . This rule has helped me to realize that the social part of a meal is really far more important than what I am eating.


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