Dave’s New Chair

Dave got a new reclining chair for Christmas.  He’s having trouble settling in and getting used to it even though he picked it out himself.  

Dave’s old chair

A few weeks ago he said a final good-bye to the wine colored leather recliner that had seen him through the last two decades. He’s practiced guitar in that chair, read stories to his grandson in it, done approximately 750 New York Times crossword puzzles in it, watched countless sporting events on television from its comfortable seat, eaten meals in it, engaged scads of guests in conversation from it, and it is where he always had his small nightly glass of port.  

Dave plays telephone with his grandson in his chair

We got a new couch a few years ago replacing the one we’d received as an anniversary gift from my parents the same year Dave bought the wine leather recliner.  But Dave wasn’t ready to part with the recliner yet, even though it was faded and listed to one side just a little.  

Dave practicing guitar in his old chair

In December we installed a new book shelf /entertainment unit in our livingroom and when I called a thrift store to come and take away the old one Dave suprised me by saying I could let them take his chair away too.  While I was in Saskatoon at the beginning of the month I got a text saying Dave had bought himself a new chair.  

Dave’s new chair

It arrived last week.  

The new chair isn’t quite as comfortable for napping

The new chair looks nice, but somehow Dave doesn’t feel quite at home in it yet.  It just isn’t as comfortable as his old chair. When his friend Rod was over for dinner on Friday he asked him to sit in it and tell him what he thought.  Rod said the chair was great.  But Dave is reserving judgement.  I think he may just be missing all the memories he made in his old chair. 

Dave multi-tasking eating and watching TV in his new chair

Maybe it will just be a matter of time.  Perhaps with a few more naps in the chair under his belt, a few more books read there, a few more tales told to grandsons, a few more peanuts cracked and sunflower seeds eaten in it, a few more Stephen Colbert episodes watched from its seat, he’ll be able to settle in and feel comfortable.  

Dave has a new chair but he’s not quite certain yet whether he likes it. 

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