During the Christmas season my church has included a prayer of confession in each of our services.  I am leading worship today. This is the confession I wrote for the service this morning. 

winter in winnipeg

Park at the end of my street

God you have created a world filled with beauty for us to enjoy

But we have not always cared for it the way we should

children with grandmother 1960's

My sister and brother and I with our grandmother. 

God you have given us other people to love, people to love us

But we have not always reached out to share that love or opened ourselves to receive it


Stained glass window with hands in a cathedral in Santa Cruz Costa Rica

God you have given us minds to create solutions and hands to work

But we have not always used those gifts to make the world a better place

Forgive us we pray.

May we move forward in the light

butterfly wonderland phoenix

Butterfly photographed in Phoenix Arizona

Noticing and appreciating your creation

Mildred Beach with students at the after school program she and her husband Tony started in Runaway Bay Jamaica

Loving and caring for humanity

My husband Dave tree planting with a student in Borneo

Working in innovative and responsible ways to make the world a peaceful and hopeful place for everyone


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