Happy 95th Birthday Aunt Vi

My brother and Aunt Vi check out her cake.

My Aunt Viola turned 95 years old yesterday.  On Saturday our family hosted a party for her in Saskatoon.  I think over a hundred people came to wish her well.  I was so happy that a big group of my cousins and their children as well as some of my aunt’s cousins were there.  

My sister and Aunt Vi enjoy a happy moment.

I made a speech about my aunt describing her as a world traveler, devoted daughter, voracious reader, dedicated teacher, loyal friend, faithful sister, caring aunt, gracious hostess, prolific needle worker, active church member, dedicated volunteer and plant lover!  

Aunt Vi greets some of her many friends who came to the party

Aunt Vi surprised us all when she got up to make a speech too.  She talked about her life and how it had been her desire to serve God in all she did. She also encouraged us to share a kind word or even just a smile with others.

Aunt Vi with some of her cousins.

I thought Aunt Vi would be tired after meeting and greeting people for almost three hours but when we got back to her suite she wanted to look at all her cards. So we formed a little assembly line.  My Dad and brother opened the envelopes, my sister read Aunt Vi the notes and signatures in the cards and I put them all up on a wall in her room so she could look at them again and again.

Nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews and a couple great, great nieces and nephews who came to the party along with my Dad.

 It is quite something to live to be 95 and still be in a state of health and mind to enjoy it. I’m glad that’s the case for my aunt. Happy Birthday Aunt Vi!

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