It’s Beginning To Feel Like Christmas

There have been signs this week that Christmas is on the way. t-4s xmas partyI had a Christmas party with my friends the T-4s on Saturday.  christmas dessert egg nog tartWe had delightful egg nog cheesecakes at Oakridge Nursery in Steinbach and opened our gifts to each other. Some Christmas cards have started arriving at our house.  I went to a Christmas craft sale at my friend Audrey’s house and bought this beautiful birch log decoration she made. I am wrapping the Christmas books I will take to my grandsons in Saskatoon this weekend.  I always give them a new Christmas book during the first week of advent.  I’m including some Christmas socks for each of them. My son already sent me a photo of my grandsons in their new Christmas pyjamas in front of their advent calendar. A beautiful Christmas wreath arrived courtesy of a friend who was selling them as a fundraiser for a worthwhile charity.  My husband Dave is practicing the guitar chords for the carols he will play at his men’s choir Christmas concert on December 15th.  Invitations to Christmas parties are flying into my inbox.

There are still a few weeks to go till the official holiday arrives but it’s beginning to feel like Christmas. 

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