I’ll Miss Her

I was sad to read in the Winnipeg Free Press this morning that The Metro newspaper will no longer be published. Truth be told I seldom read the paper but there was this incredibly friendly woman who stood at the bottom of the escalators in Winnipeg Square each morning handing out copies of the paper. She had a cheery good morning or an upbeat “Have a nice day” for every single person that walked by, whether you took a newspaper from her or not. I have passed her a hundred times on my way to work,or coming home from the gym or hurrying to an appointment and her warm greeting always brightened my day.  For the people who live and work downtown and who trek through the underground concourse in Winnipeg Square each morning she will no doubt be more sorely missed than the newspaper. Maybe the rest of us should follow her example and take the time to wish at least one or two of our fellow citizens a cheerful good morning as we make our way through Winnipeg Square. It would be a great way to carry on her tradition.
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She’s Gone



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