Why Four Grandmothers?

I was guiding a group of grade sevens through the art gallery.  We stopped to look at Dee Barsy’s artwork about her four grandmothers.  “Why would someone have four grandmothers?”  I asked.  One girl’s hand shot up.  “Probably all her grandmothers are lesbians,” she said matter of factly.  I hadn’t thought of that as a possible answer but it was  certainly a valid explanation of why someone might have four grandmothers.

Four Grandmothers by Dee Barsy

I did tell the children that Dee Barsy was adopted and her painting depicted both her two biological and two adoptive grandmothers. But I thought it was great that it seemed perfectly natural to the young girl on my tour that someone’s  grandmothers might be lesbians.

Older people may still be struggling with the idea of same sex relationships but for the up and coming generation it is something quite natural and unremarkable.

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Four Grandmothers


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