Happy Halloween

Last Halloween we were in Saskatoon and went trick or treating with our two grandsons.  It was a lovely fall evening and we had so much fun!  Our older grandson was very excited about his costume and loved going door to door to shout “Trick or Treat.”   I was impressed at how people in the neighborhood had gone to such lengths to decorate their homes. They were so warm and friendly to the kids that came to their doors.  It reminded me of the Halloweens of my childhood. 

ready for halloweenHere are me and my sister in our bunny and cat costumes in 1960. I love the whiskers my Mom has drawn on my little sister’s face and the huge bunny ears she constructed for me. Those Eaton’s of Canada bags look pretty full!  We were living on Beaverbrook Street in Winnipeg at the time and so that’s the neighborhood where we will have gone trick or treating. 

trudeau family trick or treating

Canada’s Prime Minister trick or treating with his family last year. (Photo-Global News)

Probably the one difference between Halloween in my childhood and Halloween for my grandsons is that my sister and I went out trick or treating on our own even at ages five and seven while all the children we saw in Saskatoon last year were trick or treating with their families.  

Either way celebrating Halloween still gets people out of their homes and interacting with others in their neighborhood. In a society that is becoming increasingly insular and where technology keeps us more physically isolated from one another that’s a good thing. 

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