Wings or Fingers?

high fiveI walk past this art piece many times each week and have often wondered what it was called. One day I noticed a sign on the boulevard that said the piece is named High Five and was created by Jennifer Stillwell.   It is on Waterfront Drive right across the street from the Goldeyes ball park. Each of the five fins or wings or fingers in the installation are over 25 feet tall and seven feet wide.

High Five – photo by Jennifer Stillwell

If you look at the piece from inside the ball park it looks like a human hand with five fingers. The fingers also resemble the wings of an airplane and each one has a target on it. The target designs could be abstract fingerprints, designs on an airplane wing, or archery targets. Once during a warm-up for a Goldeyes game, a batter hit one of the targets with a home run ball. 

The artist Jennifer Stillwell said she didn’t want the piece to have a specific meaning but hoped each viewer would interpret it from the perspective of their own life experience and would be prompted to discuss its meaning with others. 

Jennifer Stillwell grew up in Manitoba and studied art at the University of Manitoba.  She now lives in Victoria where she is a visual arts professor at the university there. 

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