Am I A Peripatetic?

I was reading a book and came across the word peripatetic. I hadn’t heard it before so I looked it up.  It can mean “someone who travels from place to place, especially for work.”

On a glacier in Iceland

My husband and I do travel from place to place. Just in the last month I have been to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Iceland and Saskatoon.

My grade one class in Arizona

I have also traveled for work in the past as the definition suggests. We taught on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona for a year and in Hong Kong for six years.  

Going for a walk in southern Ontario.

A second meaning of a peripatetic is someone who “travels on foot from place to place.”  That could be me because I rarely have access to a car so I walk almost everywhere I go. I love to walk and even when I’m traveling I like to fit a walk into my day.

Speaking at school graduation ceremony in Hong Kong

A third meaning of a peripatetic is someone who is a follower of Aristotle. They get this name because the great philospher liked to walk around while he lectured. I know some pastors who walk around the front of the church when they preach.  That’s not me. When I am giving a talk or presentation I stand firmly behind my lecturn looking at my notes. 

Am I a peripatetic?  I do fit two of the word’s three different definitions. So maybe I am. 

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