Cooking Together

The United Church Observer carried a Thanksgiving article by Anne Bokma. She has always felt it was her duty to make good nutritious meals for her family. She figures she’s singlehandedly made more than 10,000 of them since becoming a mother some twenty years ago. She is realizing now she probably should have insisted her husband and children help out more. She decided this Thanksgiving she was only going to make soup for the holiday meal because she just expends way too much energy making a full turkey dinner on her own.
I was fortunate to spend Thanksgiving at our children’s home in Saskatoon. They hosted a holiday dinner for members of both sides of their extended family. Unlike the woman in the United Church Observer article their meal preparations were very much a team effort. Both my son and his wife made shopping trips to various stores for meal ingredients and we did some errands as a family on Saturday morning.

My father carving the turkey at our house last Thanksgiving. 

My son roasted and carved the turkey and my daughter in law made the mashed potatoes and green beans. My daughter-in-law’s sister had brought the soup and salad and my husband purchased the wine. My five-year old grandson even got into the act helping his mother to whip the cream for the pumpkin pie.

In our household I have always done the bulk of the meal preparation although my husband is an excellent cook and now often makes his signature dishes when we have guests.

dad and dad cooking

My Dad and my father-in-law frying rollkuchen for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration.

I applaud the cooking model my children have adopted. In their home,  meal preparation is a team effort. I love the way they are involving their children too! Even my one year old grandson helps put the ingredients in the blender when his Dad makes our breakfast smoothies.  

In her article Anne Bokma references food author Louise Fresco who says that families cooking together makes for good relationships because it provides an opportunity to deal with tension, show tenderness and establish common routines and rituals.  Cooking should be a family affair!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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