We Both Talk With Our Hands!

jagmeet singh creative commonsLast week the New Democratic Party of Canada elected a new leader Jagmeet Singh.  He is a 38-year-old trial lawyer and provincial politician known for his colorful Sikh turbans and stylish dress.  Jagmeet was born in Canada to immigrant parents and grew up in Ontario and Newfoundland. I watched one of his first television interviews as the new leader of his party. He was articulate and personable but the thing I noticed most about him was the way he used his hands when he talked.  

I do that too and most of the time I don’t  even realize my hands are moving but my husband does.  On Sunday we had guests and I was relating a story to them. I happened to glance over at Dave. He caught my eye and slowly moved his right hand up and down to let me know my gestures were getting way too dramatic and frequent. It wasn’t the first time he’s provided that kind of discrete reminder. 

I feel a little bit better knowing that one of the new political leaders of our country uses his hands when he talks, even on national television.  I’m wondering if it may not be quite as embarrassing a trait as my husband thinks. 

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