The Innocents

The movie The Innocents will break your heart. It will inspire you with its story of women who are incredibly brave and resilient. It will also make you wonder why things haven’t changed much; why women and children are still the ones who pay the highest price for the endless need men seem to feel to wage war with one another.

Madeleine Pauliac, the French nurse who wrote about the nuns in her journal

The movie is based on a true story found in the diaries of Madeleine Pauliac a French army nurse stationed in Poland at the end of World War II. She is called to a convent where one of the sisters is about to give birth. Along with other nuns in the convent she has been gang raped by Russian soldiers. The nurse soon discovers that the nun in labor is not the only sister who is pregnant.
The movie’s story is told in a quiet but terrifying way, often with the haunting singing of the nuns at worship in the background. The film’s sights, and sounds and story will stay with you for many days after you watch it. Don’t be put off by the fact it is in French with English subtitles, in some ways that makes you watch even more intently and experience it in a more¬†visceral way. Don’t be put off either by the dark nature of the story line. I promise it is a movie that will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.

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