44 Years

anniversaryWe had fun celebrating our anniversary with a dinner party yesterday. After my sister lit the candles on the cool cake she brought to the party, Dave and I even sang the chorus of a song from our wedding ceremony. On that hot August day in 1973 it was performed by the beautiful voice of my childhood friend and college classmate Lynette accompanied on guitar by my cousin Al and my brother Ken.  I was only nineteen when we got married and I loved the tune to Greensleeves so I wrote new words for it for the occasion. The chorus went like this…….

May God bless you and bless the love

Which binds you now together

May God bless you and bring you joy

Forever and forever. 

anniversary cakeOf course I know now marriage isn’t always filled with joy.  There are difficult challenges and conflicts and sad times too, but forty- four years later I am very appreciative of just how much happiness, fun, love and adventure marriage has brought to my life.  As the song suggests Dave and I have been very blessed. 

Our anniversary party ended with popping a bottle of champagne and sharing it with our guests on our roof top patio. It was a lovely evening!

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3 responses to “44 Years

  1. Brenda Fischer

    Wonderful !!! Wishing you many more years of Joy, Blessings & Happiness!


  2. Ruth Goudreau

    Congratulations. The picture shows your happy smile but Dave looks a little skeptical??? 🙂


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