The Path of Life

I received a very unique gift during our Driedger family weekend on Pelee Island. I had created a photo collection of several hundred pictures to showcase our family’s life across the generations and had written a book telling the story of my husband Dave’s parents.  In appreciation my niece Stephanie presented me with a beautiful bracelet made by the Alex and Ani jewelry company. I had never heard of the company before so I did a little research. Founded by Carolyn Rafaelia in 2004 and named after Carolyn’s two daughters the company designs jewelry pieces that “adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit.”  Since its beginnings over a decade ago the Aex and Ani company has grown into an international business worth billions of dollars. They donate 20% of their profits each year to a variety of charities prominently featured on their website and their employees serve as volunteers in various worthwhile projects for thousands of hours each year. 

The symbols on their jewelry have special meanings.  My bracelet has the Path of Life symbol.  The text included in the box that came with my bracelet said……..Life is a journey.  We each choose our own path and these choices create our future. Every twist, turn and miraculous detour has its purpose. 

It was such an appropriate gift for a family party during which we were celebrating the lives of my husband’s parents.  I realized as I wrote their life stories how the choices they made along life’s path to immigrate to Canada, to persevere through the depression, to maintain their faith and hope through all kinds of adversities had created a bright future for their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

I love my Path of Life bracelet. It will serve as a beautiful reminder of our family’s journey. It wasn’t a necessary gift though because I got all the reward I needed as I watched people looking at the book about our family history and talking about it. 

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