Name That Driedger Family

dave and great nephew

My great nephew shown here with my husband Dave did a terrific job as one of the game announcers for Name That Driedger Family

Another one of the competitions during our Driedger family gathering was a ‘name that family’ story game.  There are four Driedger brothers and one representative from each of their families formed a panel of game players.  Each panel member had four photos on sticks to hold up, one photo of each Driedger brother. When a game announcer read a story like…….’when this Driedger was a teenager she stole a car’ or ‘when this Driedger was a little boy he saw a spider in the bathtub and didn’t take a bath for a month’ the panel members had to decide which of the four Driedger families that story came from by holding up the correct brother’s photo.   They got bonus points for correctly identifying the individual person within the clan the story was about. trivia driedger challengeIt was so much fun to hear all the crazy stories and we learned new things about each other as we listened to them. paul hugs

My brother-in-law Paul’s family won this challenge.  They were ably represented on the panel by Paul’s granddaughter shown in this photo to his left.  Here he gets a congratulatory hug from her as well as two of his nieces. 

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