Blended Families Are Nothing New

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary the phrase ‘blended family’ was first used in 1972 and wasn’t officially recorded in dictionaries till 1985.  A blended family according to the dictionary is a family composed of a couple and their children from previous relationships. 

Although the term blended family may be relatively new the idea certainly isn’t.  My husband’s grandfather was part of a blended family that was formed when his family still lived in Ukraine.

opa driedger's familyThis is my husband’s great grandmother Katharina Warkentin Driedger.  Her first marriage was to Nicolai Driedger who poses with her and their four children in this photo.  Together Katharina and Nicolai had four children, Nicolai, Jacob, Maria and my husband’s grandfather Abram the little boy on the far left.  This photo was taken in 1898 when Abram was eight years old. In 1906 Katharina’s husband Nicolai Driedger died and she was left with her four children. blended driedger cornies familyThat’s when she married Johann Cornies a widower with four children of his own.  This picture of their blended family was taken in 1912. It includes the eight children they brought to their marriage plus four of those children’s spouses. My husband’s grandfather is the third man from the left in the back row.  

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