Hopeful Families in South Korea

statue of a family blue palace seoulWith Korea in the news so much these days, I went back to look at some of the photos I took when I visited Seoul.  I had forgotten about these three sculptures outside the Blue Palace which is home at least temporarily to the recently elected South Korean president Moon Jae In and his family. The new president has plans to move to a more accessible, less ostentatious home soon. 

family statue around phoenix fountainThe statues around the Phoenix Fountain just outside the Blue Palace are anything but ostentatious.  They show ordinary Korean families, dressed simply and looking content.  There is only one child in each family which is typical in South Korea where couples have on average 1.25 children. family statue seoul

You’d think it would be hard to live a peaceful family life when you know your home is within easy range of your militant northern neighbor’s missiles.  But according to this article families in South Korea don’t spend much time worrying about a possible military conflict.  They go about their  routines hopeful North Korea won’t start a war they can’t win. The people of South Korea just want to live the normal family life these sculptures outside their president’s official residence depict. 

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