An Artist in the Family

Version 2

Winter Sun From the Ski Trail by Sharon Loeppky

More than a dozen people from our extended family got together for supper before attending the opening of a new show at the Mennonite Heritage Gallery. We were celebrating a family member, the very talented Sharon Loeppky, who is the featured artist in an exhibition called Re-creation. 

Version 2

Dark Bank with Aunt Glad’s Teapot by Sharon Loeppky

Sharon creates mosaics that honestly take your breath away with their beauty and intricate design. In a written description of her work she says she takes things like “a piece of a broken teapot, a tile from a rubbish heap, or a treasure found in a thrift store” and then makes a new creation from these old pieces.sharon at mennonite heritage gallery

As the show opened Sharon talked to us about how the area near her home is her inspiration, the trees, the grasses, the paths and creeks. ” I am a wanderer in my neighbourhood. Here I see a divine creation that never ends, a world that is constantly being made new.” 

Version 2

Winter Trees with Gold Trim by Sharon Loeppky

I was so intrigued by how interesting and detailed and lovely Sharon’s work was when you looked at it closely but then…….

Version 2

Ash Trees in the Late Afternoon by Sharon Loeppky

how the pieces took on a whole new beauty as you moved farther and farther away from them.mennonite heritage gallery

Sharon’s show will run at the Mennonite Heritage Gallery till September 15.  Following that it will be displayed at other Manitoba locations.  You can find out about these future shows on Sharon’s website .

ski trails with red fish by sharon loeppky

Ski Trails with Red Fish by Sharon Loeppky

Sharon’s  website also features more examples of her wonderful work. 

Version 2

Hills From the Deer Meadow in Bright Sun by Sharon Loeppky

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