Binge- Watching

offspringNot long ago I got horribly hooked on a Netflix series from Australia called Offspring.  At its heart was a young obsterician named Nina Proudman. I think part of the reason I couldn’t stop watching was because in every episode Nina delivers at least one baby and each time it’s such an emotional experience.  Nina is a bit of a klutz and frequently drifts off into the world of her daydreams.  But when she is delivering babies she’s focused and professional and really, really good at her job. The Proudman family is HIGHLY dysfunctional and Nina feels responsible for them all. 

I was intrigued by Nina’s bohemian wardrobe and the way she decorates the various homes she lives in during the five seasons of the show.  Nina’s brother-in-law is a musician and I really liked the songs he writes and performs in some episodes.  

Even though I often felt like grabbing some of the Offspring characters by the shoulders and telling them they needed to be less selfish, more circumspect and a whole lot more responsible about their relationships, I was drawn in by the story of the Proudman family.  I know now what the term ‘binge- watching’ means.  I got very little done for days while I was watching Offspring.

I’ve decided the next time I start to watch a Netflix series it would be prudent to be sure there are no more than two seasons.  

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