This past week I’ve been together with four of my aunts.  Last Thursday night I went out to dinner with my Aunt Louise and Aunt Nettie.  The two of them were just back from a trip to Holland to see the tulips in full bloom and they told me all about their adventures, the things they learned, the people they met and the sights they saw.  I told them all about my weekend in Saskatoon celebrating my grandson’s birthday. Aunt Nettie and Aunt Louise have always shown an interest in my life and that of my children.  I enjoy spending time with them.  noodle shop hong kong louise and nettieAunt Louise and Aunt Nettie came to visit us when we lived in Hong Kong and we had a marvelous time showing them the city.  

marylou and viWhile I was in Saskatoon last weekend I visited with my Aunt Viola who is turning 95 in December.  The personal care home where she lives was hosting a mother-daughter tea.  Since I no longer have a mother and Aunt Vi has no children of her own the two of us went to the tea together and had a lovely time.  

aunts in aprons

Four of my aunts dressed up in their mothers old kerchiefs and aprons. From left to right Aunt Helen, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Mary and Aunt Nettie.

On Sunday I went to see my Aunt Margaret in the Winnipeg nursing home where she lives.  Aunt Margaret is a person who ‘thinks outside of the box.’  She is very knowledgeable about what is going in the world and has opinions of her own.  It is always a pleasure to visit with her. 

auntie-mary-and-marylouSome of you might remember the post I did about my Aunt Mary who I had a chance to visit in Kansas in March.  

When we lived with the Hopi First Nations people for a year I learned that in their language the word for your mother and your aunts is the same. 

Since I lost my own mother I have developed an even greater appreciation for my aunts who are interested in me and care about me and family.

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