I Love Cutting

I love cutting my writing down to size. Much of the writing I do must be a certain length.  Whether I’m writing my newspaper column, a reflection for a devotional series, a lesson for a curriculum contract or a submission for a writing contest, I often need to cut my writing down to a specific number of words. I love that challenge! 

When I write my newspaper column I  just write everything down I want to say without concern for the number of words.  I have a six hundred word column limit and sometimes my first draft is 800 or even 1200 words.  So I start the process of going through my column paragraph by paragraph. Sometimes I cut whole paragraphs. Then I cut sentences within the paragraphs.  Next I cut sentences down to size or rearrange the order of their words.  How can I say the same thing more succinctly? 

It always amazes me how I can cut a piece of writing in half without sacrificing meaning.  

I admit many of my blog posts could be ‘cut down to size’ too.  Often I write them in too much of a hurry. For some of my blog posts I need to confess as Mark Twain is purported to have said………”I apologize for writing such a long letter.  I didn’t have time to write a shorter one. “

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