Don’t Have A Nice Day- My 10 Suggestions

A octagenarian disc jockey is spinning her favorite vinyls on air and in between tracks gives advice to her listeners. At one point she says, Don’t have a nice day. Have a day that matters, a day that means something.

We saw the movie The Last Word recently.  It stars Shirley MacClaine as an elderly woman named Harriet Lauler. Harriet hires a reporter to write her obituary before she dies. During the process of assembling material for the obituary Harriet realizes she has neglected the relationships and experiences that give life meaning, richness and value. She decides to try to change that in the last days of her life. 

The Last Word was not a good movie.  It plodded, the dialogue was unrealistic and it was full of plot holes, but………… there were some memorable lines in the film and “Don’t have a nice day. Have a day that matters, that means something” was one of those.  It got me thinking about what a person needs to do in a day to make it meaningful, to consider it a day that matters. Here’s my list. I suspect everyone’s will be different.

  1. Write something
  2. Connect with other people 
  3. Do something kind or helpful
  4. Go outside
  5. Learn something new 
  6. Pray 
  7. Work on a project I am trying to complete
  8. Read
  9. Exercise and eat in a healthy enjoyable way
  10. Do something a little outside my comfort zone

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