Dave’s Christmas Present

Dave’s Christmas present is finally up and on the wall. This year I gave him a framed print of an original painting of his grandmother created by his cousin Ruth. Ruth’s artwork is displayed on her website. You can buy originals from her as well as prints.

Last fall I ordered the print of Ruth’s painting of her Oma, Margaretha Driedger, who also happens to be Dave’s Oma. I had the print framed in the months leading up to Christmas and then hid the painting at my brother’s house so Dave wouldn’t find it.

Since we left for Arizona right after Christmas I didn’t have time to find a space for it on the walls of our condo.  But now it’s up!

Oma with her husband Abram and two children Agatha and Cornelius when she first came to Canada. Cornelius is Dave’s Dad. 

I think its wonderful that Ruth chose to paint Oma holding a baby.  Oma loved children. When she first came to Canada she and her husband Abram and their children lived on Pelee Island, Ontario. Oma served as a midwife for many of the Mennonite women living there.  

Oma and Opa Driedger

Later after her husband died Oma opened a day care in her home looking after the children of working parents. I remember going for a walk with her once and we met a man who greeted her warmly.  He had been a child in Oma’s daycare.

Oma with our son.

 I remember how Oma loved to play with our son.  She was in her eighties when he was born but when we visited she would get right down on the floor to race cars with her great-grandson or play with a set of blocks she kept in her apartment for visits with children.  We saw Oma for the last time on a Christmas visit to Ontario and even though she was very ill and confined to her hospital bed I remember how she engaged our young son in conversation, asking him about his Christmas gifts. 

Dave often is rather blase’ about the gifts I buy him but I think he really liked this Christmas present this year.  I do too!

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