I Live in A Movie Set

Did you know that fifteen movies or television series were shot in Winnipeg last year?  That information comes courtesy of the Manitoba branch of  The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists.   A movie was being filmed on our street again last week. When I left the condo early on Thursday morning to take my husband to work, they were stringing lights around the trees on our side of Bannaytne Avenue and decorating them with greenery and bows.  Later when I went to the gym the Winnipeg police were on duty making sure people didn’t interfere with the filming.  film crew on bannatyneWhen I left for work in the late afternoon a horse drawn carriage was standing in front of Hermanos, the restaurant on the main floor of our building and actors were rehearsing a scene on Hermanos’ steps.  

I looked online and two movies are being filmed in Winnipeg right now, Mr. Snowman and Break My Heart A Thousand Times.  I’m guessing the one on our street was Mr. Snowman. 

set for jack layton film

Crew filming outside my building a few years ago.

According to the city’s website Winnipeg is a great location to make a movie because it can masquerade as many other places. The Exchange District has 140 buildings preserved as they looked at the turn of the century making it a great location for filming period pieces. We also have highly quailifed film crews and production facilities and a provincial tax credit program to encourage film production. Other drawing cards are Winnipeg’s four distinct seasons and lots of quality hotels as well as cultural activities to house and entertain film production crews. 

 Having film crews in the neighborhood is nothing unusual if you live in the Exchange District of Winnipeg.  It is all part of the charm and excitement of having a home in such an historic part of the city. 

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