Life’s a Symphony

We went to see the Second City comedy troupe perform with the Winnipeg Symphony last weekend.  One of the pieces they presented was called Life’s A Symphony.  I liked the idea of comparing life to a symphony but after the concert I couldn’t remember the specific lyrics of the Second City rendition.  So I decided to write my own thoughts about why life could be compared to a symphony. 

A symphony is divided into four movements or sections. Our lives are divided into sections or stages as we journey through childhood, the teens, adulthood and old age.

The music of a symphony can be loud and bright and/or soft and melancholy. There are times in life that are exciting and happy and other times that are solitary and sad. 

The music of a symphony can move at different speeds adagio (slowly) andante (at a walking pace) allegro (fast) presto (very, very fast).  Parts of our life can just whiz by but in some seasons of life we think things are moving very slowly. 

To perform a symphony many different musicians playing many different instruments need to work together. To get through life we all need the help of many different people. 

There are sections during a symphony when some of the instruments take a rest. Sometimes we have to do that too in life. We need to take a rest and let others carry on while we rejuvenate and get ready to participate again. 

Symphonies have a beginning and an ending and so do our lives. 

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  1. Ruth Goudreau

    Great analogy.


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