Happy Belated International Women’s Day

I know this is one day late because yesterday was International Women’s Day, but here are ten strong women I have featured in recent blog posts.

oviloo and her granddaughter TyeOviloo Tunille was an accomplished and talented Inuit sculptor who supported generations of her family with her work. She provides a highly personal glimpse into life in Canada’s most northern communities. hariot rowan hamilton dufferin public domainA sketching trip to Winnipeg’s railroad museum introduced me to the Countess of Dufferin a politically savvy Canadian woman who used her connections to provide health care for women in Pakistan and India.

Mrs. Claudette Brown daycare ownerOn a trip to Jamaica I met Claudette Brown. She has defied all odds and obstacles to provide quality childcare for hundreds of kids in Runaway Bay Jamaica.
listening-voices-steinbachI have come to realize grandmothers are often taking the lead in providing acceptance to members of the LGBTQ community.

sarah silverman photo wiki media commons

Sarah Silverman is a comedian who has used her notoriety to gain equal rights for women who come to pray at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

audrey hepburn pixabay public domainAudrey Hepburn was a stellar actress who devoted the last years of her life to helping children through UNICEF. I learned she is the source of a significant quote about turning the impossible into the possible.

Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante abigail and david

I was preparing to teach a Sunday School lesson when I learned more about Abigail a biblical character who served as a rational peacemaker between two headstrong men.

veronica cathedral liberia costa ricaVeronica is another character from the Biblical narrative that inspires us with her compassion and care. I have been finding images of her all over the world.

dispatches from afghanistanOn a visit to the citadel in Quebec City I learned how portrayals of women in military history have changed from them being portrayed as pale and weak to being seen as strong, caring, inspirational leaders.

frances perkins roosevelt public domain

Frances Perkins stands behind President Roosevelt as he signs the social security act in 1935 a lasting legacy of Frances Perkins

Francis Perkins was the first American female cabinet minister. In her role as Roosevelt’s Minister of Labor she introduced legislation that improved the lives of millions of people.

 Happy belated International Women’s Day.


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