The Biggest Loser

I came in last!  We had a little Oscar party on Sunday night with friends.  Just before the Academy Awards show started we all selected our favorites in a dozen or so main categories.  We got a point for every movie winner we chose correctly. I was the biggest loser.  

I certainly didn’t think Emma Stone in La La Land should have won the best actress award.  I chose Ruth Negga for her understated but moving performance in  Loving as a woman trying to get her mixed race marriage legally recognized.

For best actor I didn’t pick Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea I went with Viggo Mortensen who gave a thought-provoking emotional performance in Captain Fantastic as a man raising his kids alone in the wilderness.  

I selected Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water for best supporting actor. Jeff played Marcus Newman a character based on a real Texas lawman. Jeff’s portrayal was convincing but it didn’t win him the best supporting actor award.

I did get best supporting actress right since I chose Viola Davis for her powerful performance in Fences. She was the very heart of her family and the film as far as I was concerned. I also picked the right original song and music score both from La La Land even though I much prefered the soundtrack of Manchester by the Sea

I earmarked  Silence for cinematography because its  views of the Japanese wilderness and Japanese villages in the 1600s were stunning. I was wrong again because La La Land took this category. 

Manchester by the Sea got my vote for best picture, best director and best screenplay.  I thought it was far and away the top  film when it came to telling a gripping and moving story.  It only won the screenplay award. 

At the end of the evening when the scores were tallied I had picked the fewest Oscar winners. Luckily an earlier plan to actually bet money on the outcome was scrapped so at least my poor predicting skills didn’t cost me any cash.  

If you click on the links in this post you can see other posts I wrote about the nominated films. 

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