My Former Church and The Pope

grace-sign-used-with-permissionThis terrific sign is displayed in front of the church I attended for some forty years- Grace Mennonite in Steinbach.  With its message  in both English and Arabic it lets everyone know that God’s people of every faith and background are considered friends of the congregation. 

I thought of the Grace Church sign when I read an article about the Pope’s Lenten message. This year he wants people to give up indifference for Lent, indifference towards neighbours and God. He says indifference is becoming a global phenomenon.

I am in the United States right now and the media here carries reports each week about at least one new executive order from the country’s current government that shows a marked indifference and lack of sensitivity towards the concerns of neighbours. One week it was refugee neighbours, the next immigrant neighbours and just this week transgender neighbours lost some of their freedoms.  

In the face of government indifference and lack of compassion it is even more important for people of faith and faith communties to display their caring and acceptance.  I happen to know Grace Mennonite reaches out to their neighbours  in many ways. They recently sponsored a Syrian refugee family and have housed a soup kitchen in their building for over a decade. They haven’t only put up a sign they have taken action as well.  Their example is an inspiration.

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