Can You Help?

bird-puzzle-one“If there was a blah option on Facebook I’d be pressing it,” said one of my blog readers after my recent post about the puzzle my sister and I started during her visit. For some reason that post drew a fair bit of feedback from my readers. Some people agreed with the ‘blah’ comment while others offered to help finish the puzzle and told me they enjoy puzzling and find it relaxing. A couple of readers said they suffer from a kind of dyslexia when it comes to puzzling.
bird-jigsawWell as it turns out the puzzle is done. My husband Dave stepped in to take my sisters’ place and together we got it finished.
labeled-bird-puzzleYesterday Dave started another project. He wants to label all the birds on the puzzle.  So he’s been trolling bird websites looking for names. I was hoping the company that made the puzzle would have the names listed on their site but they don’t. We think we’ve already pinned down fourteen of the birds. Can any of our birdwatcher friends out there help us with the rest? Here’s a link that lets you look at the birds closely. 

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  1. gabe

    Good luck with the labelling. One of my daughters really enjoys puzzles. When she has one started I can’t help put stop by and fiddle.


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