Pyjamas All Day

If you think being on vacation means lazing around, reading for hours on end and lying in the sun, you obviously have never been on vacation with my husband.  He’s a man of action and a social butterfly who isn’t anywhere very long before he’s made new friends, found old ones to connect with, and become involved in whatever is going on in his current location.

dave-ball-team-organ-stopSince coming to Arizona we have already rendezvoused with numerous Manitoba acquaintances who happen to be holidaying here as well. Dave has joined a pickle ball league at the nearby community court and spends two hours out there with some new buddies almost every morning. As I’ve written before, he’s a member of slow pitch team here in Arizona too.  

A couple of days ago I couldn’t find him anywhere.  His bike was in the garage, our car was on the driveway but he was gone.  Turns out he’d wandered into a neighborhood happy hour on a driveway down the street and made four new friends. One of them has already been over with a set of kid’s golf clubs for our grandson to use when he visits.

Dave and Hans ready for the hike.

For the next ten days or so we don’t have any company coming to stay with us so I’ve been looking forward to just napping  on our patio, coloring in my new coloring book, working on my novel and maybe one day even staying in my pj’s all day. Dave promised me we’d take it easy but so far this week he’s organized a golf date and supper with friends, purchased tickets to a blue grass concert, made a booking for the two of us to do nine holes one afternoon, arranged a breakfast date with Steinbach connections and has been throwing out movie suggestions.

I don’t really mind. While he was on the links on Monday with a golf buddy from Steinbach I got to spend the afternoon hiking and drinking wine with his golf partner’s wife, a fascinating and interesting woman I didn’t really know very well before.

When we golf as a couple we are usually partnered with interesting people. During our last round I met a school social worker, and a university football player. The concert we are going to tonight features Ryan Shupe and the Rubberbands.  They promise to take you on an entertainment roller coaster.  Should be good.  And the breakfast date is with a couple who just like us taught on the Hopi Indian Reservation in the past so we are sure to be able to do some good reminiscing.  

Most of the time I am glad to be married to a social butterfly who is on the go all the time and introduces me to new experiences and new people but I have put him on notice that one day before we leave Arizona I am going to spend the whole day in my pyjamas.  We’ll see if that happens. 

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  1. Mildred Schroeder

    I loved your morning report Marylou and my daughter Dorothy and I had a good laugh at your ” hectic” holiday schedule. I am in Kelowna BC with Dot and Don while Ernies’ spend this month in India with friends. We look out the window and watch the snow falling by the bucket. Have had 30 cm since last week. No golfing here.


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