Her Worship

her-worship-coverShe was the recipient of abusive threats and bomb scares. Political cartoons routinely made fun of her physical appearance and a critical newspaper editorial was once published about her because she had arrived late for a city budget meeting.  She had been at her dying mother’s bedside. Once an effigy of her was burned right outside the window of her office.

susan thompson city of winnipeg archives

Photo from City of Winnipeg Archives

Susan Thompson’s autobiography gives you some insight into just how tough a politician’s life can be and when you are the first female mayor of your city, in charge of thirty departments headed almost exclusively by men things can be even tougher.

Photo of Susan Thompson by Bill McFarlane from the Susan Thompson website

Susan Thompson believed being the mayor of Winnipeg was her calling and she served in the office from 1992-1998. In 2017 the City of Winnipeg Administration Building was renamed in her honour

I learned many things about Susan Thompson from her autobiography I didn’t know. Here are just three.

  • She was at the helm of our city during some of its finest as well as darkest hours.  During her two terms in office Winnipeg won the bid to host the Pan Am Games and hosted the International Winter Cities Conference and Showcase.  Susan was also mayor when Winnipeg lost the Jets hockey team and during the flood of 1997. 
  • Susan left a promising career in Montreal as the principal jewelry buyer for a large department store chain  in order to return to Winnipeg and take over her father’s struggling saddlery business when he was diagnosed with cancer. 
  • As part of her election platform Susan said she would not accept a city pension. Her family business closed while she was in office.  So Susan continues to work to support herself and honour her commitment to be of public service.  

Photo of Susan Thompson by Nadine Kampen from the Susan Thompson website

Clearly she has many friends and supporters and she is generous in giving them credit both for her political victories, personal achievements and as the sponsors who made the writing of her autobiography possible. 

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