La La Land

La La Land has been nominated for a record number of Oscars. We saw it last week. Why has the movie become so popular? I think one reason is because it shows two young people following their dreams and their dreams come true. Sebastian dreams of owning and running his own jazz club and Mia dreams of being a serious film actress.  They both go through many struggles on the way to achieving their dreams and they have to make compromises. Sometimes they are close to giving up but they don’t. I know plenty of people who start out following their dreams and then often for very practical, understandable, good reasons they give up. I think people like La La Land because its characters didn’t give up.

Another reason I think people like La La Land is because Mia and Sebastian understand each other and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders when it comes to following their dreams. Many dreamers give up on achieving what others might deem the impossible because they don’t have enough support from the important people in their lives.  Mia and Sebastian believe in each other and push each other to not give up and in the end their dreams come true. 

 I am one of those multitudes of movie goers who liked La La Land perhaps because even in my mid sixties I still have dreams and I have realized the importance of having people in my life who can understand those dreams and believe along with me that they will become a reality. 

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