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 the bean chicagoIt’s the fall of 2011 and I am posing with Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor in Chicago. Look how the sun and the city skyline is reflected in the sculpture.  The art piece is more commonly known as The Bean because of its distinct shape.  Once you’ve seen it you don’t forget it. So when I walked into the Phoenix Art Gallery this week and saw this art pieceinside-outside-anish-kapoor I immediately said, “That reminds me of The Bean in Chicago.”  No wonder because Upside Down Inside Out is by the very same artist Anish Kapoor. Upside Down Inside Out is shaped not like a bean but like an infinity symbol. kapoor-anish-infinityOn one side of the sculpture people are reflected right side up and on the other side upside down. marylou kissing the bean in chicagoIn Chicago my husband Dave made me kiss myself in the Anish Kapoor sculpture. 

anish-kapoor-inside-outI didn’t kiss Upside Down Inside Out. But I did take a picture of myself reflected right side up, upside down and at the bottom sideways in Upside Down Inside Out.  It was pretty cool. 

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