Connecting with Burton Cummings

800px-burton_cummingsWhat a great show!  We went to hear Burton Cummings, star of Winnipeg’s own Guess Who last night.  He was playing at the Mesa Regal Resort and thanks to our friends Ric and Helen we were able to get tickets.  For two hours Burton played hit after hit.  I thought I would know a few of the songs he performed but I recognized every one and could sing along with many.  

He did American Woman, Break It To Them Gently, These Eyes, Share the Land, Stand Tall, Running Back to Saskatoon, Hand Me Down World, No Sugar, Clap for the Wolfman and Laughing to name a few.  Burton played the keyboard, flute, harmonica and guitar. And he can still sing pretty darn well for someone who is 69.

My brother who was at the concert with me and is a little more music savvy than I am said Burton’s accomplished band was able to recreate many of the songs so they sounded exactly as they were originally recorded. 

burton-cummings-ticketBurton was surprised to discover just how many of his hometown fans were in attendance when he asked for a show of hands of Canadians and then Winnipegers who were in the crowd. He began talking about his childhood in Winnipeg’s northend and mentioned that he went to Luxton School which was built in 1907. 


Luxton School- photo Winnipeg School Division

In my work as a university faculty advisor I often visit Luxton School and when I was in university myself Luxton was where I did my student teaching placement for the Early Childhood Education program which involved a classmate and I setting up and running a nursery school in the basement of Luxton School. My brother said his 98-year-old mother-in-law was a former Luxton student.  the-family-at-royal-canoe

I was reminded too during the concert of the debut for the album Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit for my son’s band Royal Canoe which took place in none other than the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg.  royal-canoe-burton-cummings

Talk about connections!

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