Who’s Right My Husband or Me?

breakfast at feast marylou and daveI love my husband dearly but one thing  he does which I don’t find too endearing is to correct my grammar . Most of the time I have to be honest, he is right and I am wrong. For example I used to differentiate between my two sons by calling one the youngest and the other the oldest. Dave pointed out this mistake enough times I don’t make it anymore. Since we only have two sons the correct way of referring to them is ‘the younger’ and ‘the older’.
Another correction he makes is when I use the word adaption. He thinks it should be adaptation. When he corrected me on it yet again last week in front of friends I decided I’d finally look it up to see who is right.
What I found is  the two words have become interchangeable.
Wiki -E How says that most dictionaries claim the two words adapt and adaptation are synonyms and either may be used correctly. I checked to see if this was true and the Oxford Dictionary and Mirriam Webster confirmed it.
On a site called Daily Writing Tips they say although adaptation is the preferred spelling, adaption is in common use among English speakers in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA.
The site The Grammarist says the two words are different forms of the same word and they share the same meaning.
Just to be fair however The Washington Post and New York Times style guides still say adaptation is correct as do The Guardian and The Observer guides.
So could it be we are both right?

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2 responses to “Who’s Right My Husband or Me?

  1. Funny. Since you’re both teachers—an adaption in attitude must be made during retirement.

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