Real and Messy and Honest

Heather Plett is a life coach I follow on social media. On New Year’s Day she did a Facebook  post encouraging readers not to pledge to be shinier, happier, better versions of themselves. Instead she wrote….Let’s just pledge to be real and messy and honest.  Then Heather asked her followers to share a non-shiny version of their first day of 2017.  I decided to try that especially in light of a comment someone made over the holidays regarding my tendency to always look on the positive side of things rather than be realistic.  So here is an honest gritty version of my start to 2017.  

sunset-new-mexicoWe spent New Year’s Eve in a pretty seedy hotel in Albuquerque New Mexico on our journey to Phoenix Arizona.  My husband who had made the reservation said the hotel had received a four star rating on Trip Advisor but the threadbare towels, lack of security lock on the door, beat up woodwork and a loud rattling heating system that either left the room boiling or freezing belied the fact. Dave and I had a little dust-up soon after we arrived.  We discovered we had left the cord to plug in Dave’s I-pad in our hotel room in Colorado the night before.  We both thought the other person should have remembered it and Dave was only slightly less upset by my supposed negligence when we were able to find a replacement cord at Walgreens. It was $22 and after Dave made a sarcastic comment about the cost I retorted I wouldn’t order any food at dinner to make up for the $22. I stuck to my word but Dave got a pizza for dinner which he shared and he even ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio for me. The alcohol helped ease some of the tension crackling between us. 

snow-stormNaturally there was no coffee available in the hotel lobby as promised on New Year’s morning so we set out in search of some, only to realize that on New Years Day almost everything was closed so we drove on without coffee.   About half way through the morning we encountered a blinding snowstorm.  We crawled forward in a long line of cars on the icy, curvy, steep mountain roads.  It was pretty intense!  Things weren’t improved by the fact that Dave had a throbbing toothache. It’s been an ongoing issue that I thought he should have taken care of before we left home so I wasn’t very sympathetic. We decided to listen to the new Leonard Cohen CD I bought Dave for Christmas.  I wanted to have a discussion with him about what the lyrics meant but he said as a former high school English teacher I should be able to figure out what the lyrics meant without his help.   We didn’t talk much after that. 

saguaro cactus pinnacle peakWhen we got to Phoenix our GPS went crazy and kept wanting us to turn left at places where there was no road  just rocky areas of cacti.  Finally we stopped at a Starbucks to go online and look at a map to take us to the house we have rented.  Soon after we arrived Dave realized he had forgotten to bring his hair cutting clippers.  He said he had put the clippers out on our bathroom counter at home so he would remember to pack them but someone must have put the clippers away before he could put them in the suitcase.  Dave spent the evening watching American football on TV while I unpacked our luggage and all the groceries from my first visit to the nearby Basha’s store. I forgot to buy toilet paper.  

Lots of good things happened today too but I am going to grit my teeth and not mention them in this post.  How did I do with being real and messy and honest? 

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8 responses to “Real and Messy and Honest

  1. This one made me laugh! I hope you are both able to look back in a few days to see how trivial the issues were, but I get in the moment frustrations!

    I would like to say though, the “you’re too positive and not realistic” comment is a real hot button for me!! The person who said this to you is a negative gus, negative people always say “I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.” I could just choke them!! Could you imagine if all your posts were written like this one? What a depressing outlook on life.

    Looking on the bright side or for a silver lining is a gift that should be admired, not a fault!! I, for one, love you for your positive-ness, MaryLou!


    • Thanks Suzanne! I really appreciate your comments about people who say being positive isn’t being realistic. Your reaction makes it easier for me to take their observation in stride. I will miss the Anitas over the next two months but hope to get lots of work done on my novel to read to all of you when I get back. The Anitas have certainly helped me to stay positive about my writing.


  2. Ha ha! Yup, that is life; recognizable and real.
    Still I have to say that I don’t mind when people post positive writings on a situation. It is obvious to me that the writer does not live a perfect life it only shows that The writer chooses to highlight the positive. Not necessarily a bad thing.


    • Thanks Lori. I don’t plan to make this kind of blog post a regular thing but writing it was kind of fun. I do have to admit that most of the time I find I have to work a little harder to find the negative in a day rather than the positive.


  3. Ruth Goudreau

    I’m so glad you wrote about the downside of your day. It made me laugh and realize that my husband and I aren’t alone in this type of ‘discussion’ when travelling. I truly enjoy all your positive and enlightening posts but this was a great way to begin the year of 2017 being real!


  4. Hi Marylou, I started following you when Paul and Shirley joined you in Costa Rica. Lots of great facts and pictures. I, for one loved it for a change. A combination or seeing the funny side of the messy might be the most real for life is surely a mix isn’t it?


  5. Meena Stephen

    MaryLou, this made me laugh – not because if was funny, but because it sounded so very familiar. Loved it. Have a wonderful time i n Phoenix!

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